Our Services

We assist our business partners in entering the market and distributing their product to the target customer locations. We provide medical equipment pre-installation and installation, preventive maintenance, and repair services. We participate in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the health sector by providing laboratory equipment to hospitals.

Market Access

Before and after entering and selling in the Lao market, we conduct market research and surveys on their products and services. We organize prospect meetings with target customers in Laos (both public and private hospitals).

We organize the meeting program and accompany our business partners on a prospecting mission to Laos. Our market research is effective because we choose products based on credible and verified sources (wholesale data, sales history, health information sector). We help with the development of business plans and deployment plans for new product lines as well as the collaboration with government officials in charge of the health sector.

Sales and Marketing

We sell and distribute business partner products to our existing customers across the country.

We monitor their marketing plan (trade promotion, product coverage and brand awareness, online marketing and advertising management, customer relationship management).

We propose and manage the marketing budget for our business partners.

We organize the booth activities in accordance with the business partner’s budget.

Pre-sales and After-sales services (Installation, Maintenance, Repairs)

Before installing the machine, a survey of the area is conducted to assess the availability of the customer’s space for convenience and to prevent defects and errors during installation. This includes inspecting the area of the room, the lighting system, the temperature, and so on.

Because after-sales service is an important strategy for our company, we have invested in our engineering staff by sending them to train in France, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Thailand. We also work with engineers from our principals to provide installation and training to customers and doctors directly.

Regulatory Affairs

We collaborate with local regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with regulations. Our services include product registration for pharmaceuticals, traditional medicine, health supplements, foods, cosmetics, and medical devices.

Public Private Partnership Project

We are looking for reliable partners to join our various PPP projects in the healthcare industry in Laos.